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A Quick Guide to Prep Your Home to Sell


1) Keep Emotions Out - Most homeowners (rightfully so) have a hard time letting go to their emotional ties to their home. But the first step for getting your home ready to sell is letting go. Sometimes those emotions are road-blocks to getting your home sold quickly. Tell yourself, “This is not my house”.

2) Clean Slate - A lot of buyers have a hard time envisioning. Because of this, it’s a good idea to go ahead and pack up family pictures and heirlooms. You may love to see a portrait of your family above the fireplace, but homebuyers don’t necessarily. Help them out by removing all personalization so you can let their mind run on their own.

3) De-Clutter and Organize - You know you need to clean, but the less obvious step is to de-clutter. Make the home feel open and spacious. De-cluttering also help with step #2. Pack up the excessive knick-knacks. Remove some of the books on your bookshelves. File away excess mail, bills, and other personal documents. Remember, “This is not my house”. Don’t forget about closets and cabinets. Buyers love to look in these. A cluttered closet gives a bad impression to buyers!

4) Remove, Repair, and Paint - Now is the time to remove any fixtures you want to take with you. Remember, anything that is permanently attached to a ceiling or wall is assumed to be sold with the house. If that chandelier is near-and-dear to your heart, replace it. Repair and patch beat up walls. Oil the squeaky door. Replace the missing piece of trim. Touch up paint any wall repairs. Paint over any loud colored walls and make them more neutral in color. Even though you children may love hot pink in their bedroom, buyers want to see neutral. Remember, keep emotions out and make it a clean slate.

5) Deep Clean - It’s as simple as it sounds. Dust, scrub, mop, and vacuum. Make those floors look shiny and the carpets look fresh. Scrub the shower until you can see your reflection. A clean house gives buyers the impression that you maintained it to the highest degree. Bonus Tip: Clean and organize your fridge. Buyers love to look in fridges. If your fridge is dirty and cluttered they may assume you lived like that!

6) Landscape and Curb Appeal - A landscaping goes a long way. Make sure you have some landscaping around the house, especially in the front of the home. You want to wow them as soon as they drive up. If your shrubs scream 1965, pull them and update. The front of your house is likely the first picture they will see on the Internet so make it a good one. First impressions go a long way.

7) Hire a Stager (optional) - If you struggle with any of the above steps, have no fear. There are stagers out there who will come in to the house and tell you everything you need to do. What to take down; what to put up; what to paint; what do plant. And the cost is sometimes relatively inexpensive.

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